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Places of Interest

Experiencing the diverse and beautiful landscapes will be sufficient reward for those who travel through this area. Some places of special interest that should be included in any itinerary:

Parque National de Iona is home to many indigenous peoples such as the Mucubal and Himba as well as many Kimbundu groups. Most are subsistent farmers and herders who remain isolated and oblivious to the outside world.

Baia dos Tigres where huge sand dunes fall precipitously into the sea. Home to vast shallow lagoons that abound with bird and other marine life. Formally a sandy peninsula supporting a thriving fishing community, Tigres peninsula was cut off from the mainland during a violent Atlantic storm. Lacking a supply of fresh water, the inhabitants of Tigres were forced to abandon their home. Today all that remains is a ghost town, testimony to the power of the South Atlantic.

Arco is a freshwater oasis in the Namib desert where magnificent rock formations form the backdrop to stands of lush aquatic vegetation and a diversity of birds species. The oasis supports a small traditional farming community who supplement their income trading in steira’s (woven mats).

Pediva hot water springs on the border of Parque National de Iona on the edge of a permanent river. Surrounded by Mopane bush and teeming with bird life a must see for any visitor to the area.
Tunda Valla is a breathtaking gorge cut into the cliffs overlooking Bibala. With a straight drop of 800M. This site is not only beautiful but also historically significant.

Lubango Capital of the south it is a bustling city rapidly emerging out of the turmoil and becoming a modern day example of the new Angola. Lubango is set in a lush tropical valley guarded by the statue of Christ built high above on the cliffs overlooking the city. Rich in colonial architecture mixed with the confusion of Africa, Lubango has many bars and restaurants that offer interesting variety with rich Portuguese heritage.

Namibe The port town of southern Angola is known as one of the cleanest and best kept towns in the country. Namibe has a strong fishing community supplying much of the country with fresh and dried fish. Namibe harbor is lined with sandstone cliffs falling into the Atlantic, the harbor is key to the economy of southern Angola as all imports come through the port.

Namib desert said to be the oldest desert on earth, this sea of sand is a spectacular sight. Seemingly endless high dunes constantly migrating with the power of the wind. Stretching from Tombwa to the port town of Walvis Bay in Namibia only to be dissected by the Cunene river.

Serra de Leba with waterfall’s and cantilevered hairpin bends where one ascends from the coastal plain to an altitude of over 5 000 feet in just a few kilometers. This semi-tropical area which abounds with mango trees, lush, green bush and fertile soil provides a home for several Kimbundu communities. Serra de Leba is truly breathtaking!

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