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Angolan Safaris and ToursAngola is Southern Africa’s final frontier. Due largely to the devastating civil war that racked Angola for nearly 30 years, tourism has barely touched this remote and spectacular country which offers a truly unique and unforgettable travel experience.

Angolan Adventure Safaris has been operating since 1996, aiming from the outset to promote a region finally emerging from many years of turmoil. We have always had a passion for the country and its amazing people. Now the war is over, the roads cleared of mines and the future looking bright, more and more intrepid travelers are heading to arguably the most unspoilt destination in the region with us.

With the recent peace in Angola, more and more interest in touring the country is being shown by adventurous travelers. Angolan Adventure Safaris has been operating safaris through some of the most remote parts of southern Angola since 1996. Our local guides have in-depth knowledge of and experience in the area, as well as of the indigenous people inhabiting this largely unexplored region of Southern Africa. Features such as Parque National de Iona, Serra de Lebba, Foz du Cunene, and Baia dos Tigres are unsurpassed in their natural beauty and provide unrivalled opportunities for nature lovers, photographers, bird watchers, and 4X4 enthusiasts.

Whilst Angola offers something for everybody it can in turn present a multitude of difficulties for newcomers. Overland groups are a very new phenomena for some local officials, especially in more remote places. Many do not have experience in dealing with foreign tourists – sometimes leading to misunderstandings largely due to language barriers. Similarly, unfamiliar visitors may have difficulties with the border post proceedings, road blocks and ‘transito’s” (local traffic police), or stray into restricted areas. Fuel, water and food supplies are unreliable or not available in many parts and distances can be great. Roads are in bad shape or non-existent, and with no road signals can be quite confusing at times. Angolan Adventure Safaris can eliminate most of these hick-ups making your trip to the area smooth and comfortable.

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