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What to bring to Kwanza


The tropical climate of the northern extremities of Angola makes for a hot and humid environment.  Preferred clothing includes lightweight, breathable clothing. Hats, sunglasses and sunblock are a must! In the evenings, the mosquitoes make an appearance so lots of mosquito repellent and light long sleeved clothing and closed shoes are recommended – prevention is better than cure! Sporadic thunderstorms often catch us off guard so it advised to pack in a light rain jacket.

Toiletries and medication are not provided by Kwanza. We suggest that you bring along a basic first aid kit, as well as any chronic or personal medication. Your first aid kit should include the following; painkillers, antihistamine pills, cream to relieve bites/stings,  antiseptic cream/spray, plasters, Imodium and for fishermen we highly suggest Cataflam and Methiolate. Please note that this is just a guideline and is not necessarily everything you will need.  Please ensure that you pack enough medication for a few days longer than your intended stay.

If you are traveling to Kwanza with a young child, please note that we do not supply cots and baby car seats.

Other items that could be brought along by visitors include cameras, binoculars and electronic devices such as laptops and ipads.


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