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Fishing at Kwanza


Kwanza Lodge is a world class fishing destination, strategically placed at the mouth of the Kwanza river. The lodge offers three types of fishing -Inshore, Offshore and River – each which has its own bit of magic!

The inshore fishing season kicks off in November, with the onset of the first summer rains, and carries through till the end of April. This coincides with the offshore season. Whilst the drop in oceanic temperature during winter months (June-September) provides the ideal environment for river fishing.

Kwanza Lodge has a fleet of boats available to suit all your fishing needs. All boats come with experienced skippers and top of the range tackle. Kwanza provides all trolling and live bait tackle. Spinning and fly-fishing tackle should be brought along. For more information on what tackle will suit your fishing needs please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kwanza Lodge originated due to the amazing inshore fishery. The main target species within this zone is none other than the silver king – the tarpon. The Kwanza river is considered to be one of the best tarpon fishing destinations in the world, with specimens above average size being available to anglers on a regular basis. The strategic placement of the lodge enables anglers to easily access tarpon fishing grounds in less than 5 minutes. The inshore environment is also home to a number of species including jack crevalle, senegal jacks, cubera snapper, barracuda and more. The wide biodiversity of the inshore zone means that there is always something around to keep you busy.


The oceanic blue waters found off the Kwanza hosts a healthy population of blue marlin, sailfish, tuna and wahoo. When the Kwanza river is in full flow an amazing spectacle occurs – the dirty river water and oceanic blue water meet to create the perfect environment to target dorado. This colour line ranges from 8-20nm offshore. Days with up to 60 dorados is not uncommon and with numbers such as these a bonus fish is always up for grabs.

Kwanza River 

Whilst the oceanic water drastically decreases in temperature during the winter months the river remains relatively warm providing the perfect environment for resident game fish to seek refuge. Large numbers of jack crevalle, senegal jack, giant african threadfin, barracuda and snapper enter the river providing the opportunity for anglers to catch fish over 100lbs on calm waters whilst within view of the lodge. The river not only provides children with the perfect setting to start out their fishing journey, but, also allows for older anglers to get stuck into a large fish without having to negotiate with rolling seas.


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