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Flamingo Lodge

Visit Flamingo Lodge in South AngolaFlamingo Lodge is situated in a scenic setting against low cliffs on the beach near the mouth of the dry Rio dos Flamingo (15o 33′S). This area of coast is at the northern extent of the Namib Desert and is practically devoid of other tourist activity.

Flamingo Lodge consists of nine rustic bungalows with comfortable beds, showers and flushing toilets and can accommodate up to 30 people (although many more may be housed in tents if necessary). An open-plan dining and bar area is situated above a safe swimming beach.

Flamingo Lodge is located in the middle of 70 km of uninhabited coast which supports virtually untouched fish populations by highly diverse desert landscapes containing some areas of special beauty.

Flamingo Lodge forms the centre of our operations in South Western Angola from which excursions may be undertaken, and is equipped with 4 x 4 vehicles, inflatable boat and quad-bikes.

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