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Flamingo Lodge Activities

Water temperatures in the vicinity of the Flamingo Lodge usually vary between 18 and 24°C and the visibility usually exceeds 5m. The reefs are of sandstone and devoid of corals and large algae. Keen snorkelers will be impressed at the abundance of large fish that they will see and spearfishermen will need to be very selective to be rewarded by a prize catch. Divers are very welcome as they ensure a regular supply of oysters, crayfish and cuttlefish on the table.
For those visitors not interested in the other activities and excursions offered, are tired of sunbathing, and feel guilty about the amounts that they are eating and drinking, walking is a good way to ease their conscience. Flamingo Lodge is situated in very picturesque surroundings and walks up to the lighthouse, which offer panoramic views, or along the uninhabited beaches to the north an south are well worthwhile. One might also try to catch a glimpse of the wildlife that inhabits the Flamingo river bed.
  Surfing/ Kite Surfing
Surfing is becoming a very popular activity within Angola. Flamingo has waves which can suit all levels of surfers – from beginners to professionals. An increasing number of people are traveling to Angola to catch the wave of their life and make the most of all the empty lefts. With good waves in the winter months there is a large selection of waves to ride. Guides know the beaches well and will be able to find a wave for you. Tailored packages can be arranged.

Flamingo Lodge has good winds throughout the year, with the predominant South Wester blowing between 10 and 25 knots most days. During the summer months the water temperature is usually above 22 degrees with the sea being very calm. Please note we do not provide equipment.

Local Tours
Flamingo offers a variety of tours within the southern Angolan region. The most popular of which is the Desert Day trip. This trip takes you along the beach, past a number of shipwrecks to the start of the Tigres Dunes. Along the way you are likely to see a variety of marine life. The provided packed lunch can be enjoyed at the top of the dunes, providing a very unique location for a picnic. Upon returning you will cross over multiple salt pans, on your way to your next stop off, Arco. Alternatively, overnight trips are available for those wishing to spend a night under the desert sky. These overnight trips primarily take you to Foz do Cunene or Iona National Park. Contact us to ensure that you get the most out of your desert trip experience.

Please note that these trips need to be arranged in advance.

Conferences & Parties
These activities would usually involve large groups and require exclusive use of the entire camp, thus sufficient prior notice is necessary. Our sleeping and seating arrangements can easily accommodate 30 conference delegates and we have hosted weekend parties of over 100 people (the majority sleeping in tents).220 V electricity is available to power visual aids, music systems etc.


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