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Fishing at Flamingo


Flamingo is primarily a beach angling destination. Species most commonly targeted include Garrick, Kob and Shad. What we lack in species, we make up in numbers. Bronze whalers are available for those looking for a decent pull!

Fish are caught on spinning tackle with plugs, spoons and plastics being the most favored and effective lures. Flamingo is a great location to hone in your spinning skills, that later can be used elsewhere targeting the same, and many more, species. You will also learn to “read” the water from our experienced guides, whom will assist you and share their knowledge wherever possible.

A typical day at Flamingo would start off with a hearty breakfast and a leisurely drive down a secluded beach, stopping at various spots during the course of the day to locate the fish – no time to get bored!

Flamingo has a strict catch and release policy. To ensure that fish are returned to the ocean in the best possible condition, the use of ultra-light tackle and treble hooks are not permitted. Our catch and release policy, along with the care we take in handling the fish whilst in and out of the water, helps to ensure that the fish are available to be caught more than once!


As Angola is opening up to the rest of the world, more and more people are taking advantage of the wonderful landscapes and bountiful oceans. To get the most out of your trip, book with Flamingo. We have been operating since 1996 and have pioneered the techniques and spots along the whole of the southern Angolan coastline. We are constantly adapting our styles to assist our guests in having a fishing trip of a lifetime!

PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT SUPPLY FISHING TACKLE. A list of recommended tackle can be sent upon request.

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